A new breed of home organization and management has arrived to match your highly mobile, digital lifestyle. As the world moves faster, we shouldn’t be using archaic tools like paper filing systems, snail mail forms, email, the phone or even search engines to find details about our homes. The problem isn’t that there is too much information, it’s that what you have in your home is not organized and available to take action on all the while protecting your privacy. HRM™ from SmartHome Hero provides these overarching benefits to you:

  1. Store – We gather and confirm all the products in a home, including details such as photos, manuals, warranty period, installers, contact information. We keep the information updated.
  2. Learn – We present to you educational tools such as articles, videos, recall information and more so that you can stay informed about the features and status of your home.
  3. Maintain – Through our partnership with builders and manufacturers to help you maintain your home by presenting maintenance schedules and tips to help your products last longer.
  4. Connect – If you do have questions during or after the warranty period of the products, we connect you with your builder, installer and manufacturer to get the best service and support available. You can share your product details directly with those that support to speed up the repair or warranty process. Knowledge is power.
  5. Report – Demonstrating that your home is in good health and to optimize its value when it comes time for a major transaction such as financing or the resale of your home is very important. With an HRM, the details are just a few clicks away. The ability to generate maintenance reports, remaining warranties, replacement and upgrade costs helps you or future buyers make informed decisions about next steps in home ownership.

Builders, manufacturers, inspectors, real estate agents and home owners all win because home information and important details are managed by the homeowner and shared with those called upon to support your home.