Digital Disruption on Display at BDX Summit

Digital Disruption on Display at BDX Summit

Home Industry Targets Today’s Digital Consumer

What is on the leading edge of today’s home building and manufacturing industry? The Digital Consumer Experience. That was this year’s theme at the BDX Summit held in Austin, Texas.

The two-day conference spotlighted digital tools and technologies that are moving into consumers’ home turf in the near future. Over 200 homebuilders, manufacturers, and digital technology developers attended the event to learn how the home industry can better serve today’s digital consumers.

According to BDX, the conference was focused on learning about retail science, new digital trends, and the customer experience through marketing tactics. “We purposely bring in speakers from outside of our industry to ensure that we are bringing in fresh ideas and approaches!”

Indeed, sessions covered a wide range of cutting-edge topics — from a “Viewpoints from the Industry’s Leading Researchers” panel discussion to an introduction of “Cognitive Computing with IBM Watson.”=

The overriding message of the conference was this: There are only a few areas where digital tools are lacking in the lives of today’s consumers — including the home-buying experience and home resource management. But new technologies are emerging to solve these challenges.

Next Big Thing — HRM™: Managing Home Resources Online

With a technology solution that solves one of the next big issues for homeowners, SmartHome Hero was invited to display its online platform at the event. The platform garnered a lot of interest from homebuilders and product manufacturers — all of whom are looking for the solution that will help them connect more powerfully to consumers who buy their homes and purchase their home products.

Attendees were particularly interested in gaining the opportunity to connect to home consumers in ways that support a stronger and more permanent digital connection — including warranty management, repairs, promotion, and more. SmartHome Hero is the first digital home resource management platform to bring builders and product manufacturers together with consumers to help better manage their home investment.

“BCX Summit was the perfect venue for our launch into the home building and manufacturing industry,” said David Carolan, CEO and Founder of SmartHome Hero. “It was a great opportunity to speak with builders and manufacturers directly. They confirmed that our mission is exactly in line with the solution they’ve needed and wanted. Several of them asked to join our Beta-stage so they can be on the cutting edge of delivering the best service and support through a digital platform to their homeowners.”

“We’re excited to work with our Beta users. We’re still learning and adding features that can best meet the needs of today’s builders and manufacturers, who want to connect digitally with their key customers — today’s homeowners,” added David.

Join the SmartHome Hero Beta Project!

SmartHome Hero is taking home resource management into the digital age — giving homebuilders and product manufacturers a direct digital connection to home consumers.

SmartHome Hero gives you the power to connect directly to your consumers to:

  • Streamline warranty management
  • Join the home repair discussion
  • Deliver product information digitally
  • Manage consumer loyalty
  • Promote product upgrades
  • And more

SmartHome Hero is currently in beta — and looking for builders, manufacturers, home automation providers, and energy raters to join our online marketplace for smart home management.

Get on the ground floor of this transformative home resource management technology.

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