Founded in 2014 by industry experts, SmartHome Hero is a HRM (home resource management) platform that delivers streamlined warranty management, home product tracking, and repair service for homeowners while providing a digital advertising platform for builders, smart home products and manufacturers. Consumers gain improved home automation, energy savings, and home resale value.

We began working with all the stakeholders in the building process, listening to what the industry wanted. Keeping an eye on where the smart home automation and energy savings industries want to go, we crafted a solution to help speed up the delivery of the next generation of homes while bringing new conveniences to homeowners today.

We aim to deliver on the promise of comfort, convenience and value for the homeowner and streamlined decision making and support for builders, manufacturers, and the energy rating communities. We believe you can have it all if your home resource management system makes it easy to store, share and collaborate around the homeowners needs.

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